BEE delivers innovative and creative products in the area of led lighting and pinball machine accessories.




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BEE-products are made or imported by BEEM B.V.  LED-lighting is the main product whereas innovation and creativity are important to us. We supply professional support to our clients when they change to his new light source. BEEM B.V. is well known as a professional partner in the lighting industry with a high standard for quality.

  • High Quality - Low Prices
  • Low Energy Consumption
  • Innovative Products
  • Professional Support
  • High Customer Service Grade
  • Practical Solutions
  • Easy 2 Install
  • Converting Difficulties into Possibilities

BEE Bands

The very durable PU materials in combination with the silicone rings offer...


BEE-Led is our home brand led lighting. BEE-Led's are high quality...

BEE Light

Led lighting for your home or business. Best available quality for...

BEE Protect

BEE Protect presents you a large collection of protectors for...


Jersey Jack Pinball Dutch Pinball ET-Electric B.V. De Groot...

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